Women Cell


Educational Institutions work as noteworthy platform enhancing women’s empowerment and gender equality. So, the women cell is a significant part in any educational institutions. Under the body of College Teacher’s Union, a women cell was established in the year of 2017 to address various women related issues such as gender discrimination, female education, women’s empowerment, rights of female employees and girl students.


1. To raise awareness among the female employees and girl students about their rights.

2. To build a gender equal egalitarian society.

3. To create awareness among the women about socio economic empowerment at Community level.


For the Session 2020-21

Convenor: Mrs Manju Das,Assistant Professor, Department of Assamese


1.Dr Nanima Das,Associate Professor, Department of Education

2. Mrs Pratibha Deka,HoD,Department of English

3. Mrs.Hiraboti Kalita, HoD, Department of Economics

4. Mrs Runumi Talukdar, Lecturer, Department of Education

5. Dr Rumi Kalita Das,Assistant Professor

6. Miss Debajani Gogoi, Assisatant Professor, Department of Political Science

7. Miss. Prerana Priyam Doley, Asssitant Professor,Department of English

8. Miss Anisha Choudhury, Assistant Professor, Department of Education