Mission & Vision

The motto of our college is ‘Jnan Jyoti Diptam’ or knowledge is power. Here knowledge does not merely connote the accumulation of facts and information. It must add to the growth of creative and original thinking that may gradually bring about a positive transformation in one’s personality so as to prepare our students to establish themselves as conscious, responsible citizens capable of meeting the challenges of time and making the best of opportunities as they come in life.

Our vision is to plan for developing the college as an institution of excellence that would provide our students with the best of higher education and to make all possible efforts for upgrading of the college to the status of a full fledged multi-stream institution.

Goals & Objective

The college aspires to exude a harmonious blend of traditional forms of classroom teaching with newer cutting edge methods of science and technology. The college aims to evolve as a nerve centre of learning and co-curricular activities.

The college is in a rural environment and as such its social responsibility increases many folds. The college is an equal oppurtunity platform wherein all sections of the society are accepted without any bias. Located close to Hajo, a historical place where the famous Azan Fakir held audience, it is also a site of multiple-religions (Pancha Tirtha). As such, the College aspires to contribute towards the ethnic and social parity that has made this region a site of collective human geographies.