Students' Union

For every academic session, the College organizes a Students Union Election, under the directives and principle of the Indian Constitution. The aim is to make the student aware of their rights and political responsibilities and also make them work out feasible solutions to their issues. The elected body is known as Damdama College Student’s Union Body. Its membership is compulsory for every student admitted in the college.

Details of Students’ Union Members​

                        • President: Biki Kalita
                        • General Secretary: Samiran Das
                        • Cultural Secretary: Sagar Das
                        • Debate Secretary : Himakshi Das
                        • Games Secretary : Kashmiri Bharali
                        • Social Service Secretary: Barasha Kalita
                        • Girls’ Common Room: Nisha Kalita
                        • Boys’ Common Room: Bishal Deka
                        • Magazine Secetary: Niharika Kalita