ST/SC Cell

ST/SC Cell

The SC/ST cell of the college was established on 6/11/2020 with the purpose to empower the SC&ST students in the college. The cell takes the initiatives to support the students belonging to SC&ST communities financially and educationally. The college encourage the students of these communities to enroll for career orientations program apply for various fellowship schemes from government agencies and other sources.


1. To Counsel and guide SC&ST students and help them to manage academic and administrative issues of the college effectively.

2. To provide the mechanism to address the grievance of SC&ST students, if any.

3. To aware the SC&ST students regarding various scholarship programs of State Government and UGC.

4. To take such follow up measures to achieve the objectives and targets laid down by the Government of India and UGC.

5. To collect data regarding SC&ST students and their representation in and outside the college.

ST/SC Cell Committee


Mr.Longkiram Phangcho,Assistant Professor,Department of History


1. Dr Rumi Kalita Das,Assistant Professor,Department of History

2. Miss DebajaniGogoi,Assistant Professor< Department of Political Science

3. Mr.Chandan Jyoti Chutia,Assistant Professor, Department of Assamese