Minority Cell

Minority Cell

Minority Cell Damdama College was established to further a culture of harmonious academic and cultural coexistence. The purpose of the Cell is to ensure that religious minorities feel safe and secure in the College campus. The Cell makes students from minority communities aware of their rights and privileges, through government sponsored scholarship, provide them financial assistance in case of need and to promote their protection and reservation as suggested by the Constitution of India. To encourage their enrolment in various career programs and develop their skills.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. To act as a kind of Grievance Redressal Cell and help them tide over their academic and administrative problems.

2. To build their skills and promote their absorption in workplaces.

3. To ensure that their financial needs are taken care of.


Mr. Altaf Hussain


1. Mr. Biraj Das, Department of Education

2. Mrs. Pratibha Deka, Department of English

3. Dr. Rumi Kalita Das, Department of Assamese

4. Dr. Saurav Sengupta