Library Rules

General Library Rules:

  1. Before entering the library,books (not belonging to the Library),all sorts of bags,umbrellas,packets etc are to be deposited in the property counter.
  2. A member will have to show the membership card/identity card/gate pass at the entrance whenever he/she wants to enter the library.
  3. Before entering the library of the Gate Register is to be signed legibly.
  4. Books treated as Reference and Rare are not issued on loan.Journals and periodicals will not be issued.
  5. Books on loan with members can be recalled by the Librarian at any time.
  6. Borrowers must satisfy themselves about the physical condition of the book before borrowing, otherwise they will be held responsible for any damage or mutilation noticed at the time of returning.
  7. .An overdue charge of Re 1 for a book per day shall be leved on a member,if a book is kept beyond the period of loan.The period of loan can be extended by the Librarian,on individual cases. The over due fine may be reduces or waived by the Librarian on very special cases only.
  8. If a borrower fails to return a book borrowed by him/her or if the books is found to be damaged or mutilated he/she will be required to either (a) replace the book with a new copy or (b) pay ten times on the publishers price of the book.
  9. While borrowing book(s), a student member must produce his/her Identity Card at the issue Counter.
  10. The membership card is not transferable.
  11. Overwriting on the Memberships card is not permissible.
  12. In on case the expiry date of student Membership Card shall be extended.
  13. If the membership card gets lost or mutilated because of use or otherwise,it should be reported to the librarian immediately. A duplicate membership card will only be issued on prayer with fine. The member, however, will continue to be responsible for nay loss which the Library may suffer through the loss or misuse of the card.
  14. Students are to return books within two week time immediately after their final examination is over,failing which they will be declared library defaulter.
  15. Students of science classes are to return books within three days after their practical examination are over,failing which they will be declared library defaulter.
  16. Teachers, officers and employees of the college shall have to take Library Clearance Certificate before they take release from this college to join other institution or get retired from this college.
  17. Departmental libraries are to borrow books against the Pass-Book issued against each of the department. At the time of change of Headship of the department, the outgoing Head will hand-over the Departmental Library Pass Book with details of books to the next Head of the Department.