Grivance Redressal Cell

Grievance Redressal Cell

The Grievance Redressal Cell is an important mechanism of any administration. It is the responsibility of the college administration to provide a safe, secure and satisfying environment to all students. It needs to receive and act on the complaints and grievances reported by the students. Hence, the College has formed the Grievance Redressal Committee as per the UGC guidelines to redress the grievance of the students. Since its inception, the Committee has been under the direct purview of the Principal. The grievances received by the Principal are forwarded to the concerned committee members to look after the problem.


As per UGC(Grievance Redressal Mechamism) regulation, 2018 dated 7th December,{(F.No.14/4/2012 CPP-11)}, the Committee consists of the following members:

Chairman: Dr. Surajan Sarma, Principal, Damdama College


Mr. Altaf Hussain, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

Mrs.Majnu Das,Assistant Professor, Department of Assamese


1. To address and resolve the issues related to the students.

1. To address and resolve the issues related to the students.

3. To create an environment for the students to express their grievance and problems without any fear of being victimized.


Complaints shall be registered through ‘Grievance Redressal Cell’ in our college website:

Contact number: 6900648545

Email: complaintdamdamacollege