Department of History


Department of History


“History is the unending dialogue between the past and the present”

            History provides the window to the past and we are faced with evolution of the world, origin of species and how things evolved in a manner curious as well as interesting. Stories of human endeavour and emergence of civilization an ever-changing world history is replete with all these and thus is the fountain of knowledge.


Seat Capacity 

Honours : 30

Regular   : 60

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Faculty Members

Amitabh Chakrabarty

Mr. Amitabh Chakrabarty

Assistant Professor & HOD

Date of Joining : 26-08-1997 To 03-09-2012 ( Nonsanction)

                               04-09-2012 ( Permanent)

Qualification : M.A., M.Phil.

Interest Area: Assam History, European History

Phone No. : 9127587244

Email: [email protected]


Longkiram Phangcho

Mr. Longkiram Phangcho

Assistant Professor

Date of Joining : 22-02-2020

Qualification : M.A.

Interest Area: Modern Indian History , Ethohistory , Oral History

Phone No. : 9085957699

Email: [email protected]



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Date of Joining :

Qualification : 

Interest Area: 

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The department will offer courses of the following two types:

  • B.A. (Honours)
  • B.A. (Regular)

For both the above mentioned types of courses, in line with the CBCS guidelines of Gauhati University, the department will offer various (i) Core courses (CC), (ii) Elective courses (EC) and (iii) Ability Enhancement courses (AEC).