Entrepreneurship Development Cell

IQAC, Damdama College has initiated an Entrepreneurship Development cell to develop self-efficiency and economic sufficiency among the students in the very first stage of Higher Education. It will encourage entrepreneurship skill, start-up creation and willingness to development and manage business venture.

Need of the Cell:

Science and Technological developments have made our lives much easier by the reducing human effort and time to get desired goal. Apart from the advantages, it brings some disadvantages which cannot be denied. Unemployment and over population among the youths are major concern of common people. Youths have been facing numerous challenges to engage in deserving works or job to fulfil their basic needs. They are not getting desirable job due to over-population and explosion of knowledge it is impossible to provide government jobs according to their qualification. Corresponding to these, a remedial measure is to acquaint students with adequate skills, competences, expertise and confidence to earn their livelihood either during their studies or immediately after the completion of their degrees.


Mr. Chandan Jyoti Chutia, Assistant professor, Damdama College had participated in two days training programme of Yuva Arohan under the guidance of respected deputy Commissioner, Kamrup District in collaboration with Udhyam Learning Foundation, Assam Government in 2020. He carried out a pilot program with B.A. 2nd Semester students from Damdama college for 12 days. 39 students of the 2nd semester participated in the workshop. After successful completion of the pilot project, the Government selected four another teachers of the college namely – Mr. Rajib Mahanta, Mr. Chandan Jyoti Chutia, Mr. Longkiram Phangcho and Miss Anisha Choudhury from different departments for the training. The training was a part of major program on Entrepreneurship which was initiated with 8 institutions of Kamrup District. After having training program the teachers of the college organized a short term course for the interested students to encourage entrepreneurship. Both offline and online classes were arranged to provide the interaction to the interested students of all the semesters.


Composition: 2020-2021 to 2021-22:

Chairman: Dr. Suranjan Sarma, Principal, Damdama College

Convenor: Mr. Chandan Jyoti Chutia, Assistant Professor & Miss Anisha Choudhury, Assistant Professor


  • Mr. Rajib Mahanta, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Longkiram Phangcho, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Pallabi Deka, Assistant Professor.


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