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Reading Books is a good hait which can enhance moral and intellectual development of an individual. It is well known that books are our real friends, who stay with us in every spectrum of life. Only a few books of specific course syllabus cannot fulfill all aspects of life. For all round development, we must read different kinds of books cat erring to different demands of our growth and developmental aspects. Books are not only a means to provide knowledge but can also help in our leisure and help with solutions to life’s challenges. In the present generation, stress, anxiety and conflict brought about by complexity has damaged critical thinking capacity and mental health. Hence, reading habits enrich peope’s positive thinking and conflict management. Keeping this in mind Damdama College has also tried to integrate itself to the movement to read books that has ushered in Assam.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To encourage a monthly book discussion named ‘Dalicher Mel.’
  2. To organize quizzes on books and their authors.
  3. To organize book inauguration program.
  4. To organize workshops on literature.
  5. To organize interaction sessions with authors and writers.



  1. Dr. Suranjan Sarma


  1. Chandan Jyoti Chutia

Jt. Convener:

  1. Debajani Gogoi
  2. Prerana Priyam Doley


  1. Simamoni Das
  2. Hiya Majumder
  3. Niva Das
  4. Akangsha Malakar
  5. Tapan Das
  6. Barasha Kalita
  7. Pompy Nath
  8. Kashmiri Bharali
  9. Azahar Hussain


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