Damdama College Film Society

In recent times, the need to produce good cinema has gained immense ground. Simultaneously, film producers and directors have tried to create culturally conscious spectators and viewers have also gained momentum. Naturally, one needs to ponder on the type of cinema that generates a conscious viewing public who are aware of their tastes and also a national demand for good cinema. This need is furthered by the fact that cinema help to build a nation, a kind of imagined community of spectators. Cinema is therefore not only a medium of entertainment but a vehicle of promoting knowledge. The contribution of cinema in promoting national consciousness is well recognized. But, one should question, whether cinema alone can produce or create nation building. Damdama College Film Society recognizes this challenge and has established a Film Society to inculcate the best of viewing habits for the promotion of world class cinema. These could be the works produced by lesser known filmmakers other than the main-steam ones.


  1. To organize a periodic exhibition of cinema for benefit of students.
  2. To organize a film festival within the campus for the benefit of students and public at large.
  3. To create healthy spectatorship for good cinema.
  4. To build an intellectual repertory among students through cinema.


Damdama College Film Society Committee


  1. Chandan Jyoti Chutia
  2. Debajani Gogoi


  1. Rajib Mahanta
  2. Anisha Choudhury
  3. Prerana Priyam Doley

Students Members:

  1. Simamoni Das
  2. Krishna Kumar Das
  3. Himakshi Das
  4. Barasha Rani Das
  5. Hiya Majumder
  6. Akshanga Malakar
  7. Barsha Kalita.

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