Academic Cell

The Academic Committee overlooks the academic functioning of the College. It monitors the curriculum delivery mechanisms, syllabus requirements, including classrooms, books for courses required, library infrastructure etc and recommends to gap the existing lacunas. Members prioritize teaching learning processes and makes strategies so that students gain maximum from their academic exercises. One area of the Committee's thrust is also to focus on the need of academically weak students and monitor their progress in various subject areas. The Academic Committee prepares the 'Class Routine' and 'internal examinations' for students. During the lockdown and even afterwards, the Committee members suggested that open book examinations could be an area of interest and implementation.

The Academic Committee consists of the following members under the Chairmanship of the Principal.

  1. Dr. Suranjan Sarma: Principal
  2. All HODs


  1. Suggest ways and means for better implementation of curriculum requirements
  2. Suggest ways of improving the teaching-learning process.
  3. Suggest various faculty development programs.
  4. Prepare and review Academic Calendar and Class Routine for the college.
  5. Suggest and promotes research and extension activities in the college.
  6. Keep vigilance on the attendance of teachers and regularity in taking the classes;
  7. Review student’s attendance/malpractices in examinations;
  8. Implement new examination protocols and monitor the evaluation of answer scripts.
  9. Take disciplinary action to the students for violation of the College's Code of Ethics.



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