Important Committees/Cells/Clubs / Events



  1. Ensure the smooth functioning and monitoring of the academic activities of the college
  2. To prepare the academic calendar and prospectus of the college.
  3. To ensure that students and teachers find requisite academic resources for a smooth learning and teaching experience.


Damdama College has a Grievance Redressal Cell to look into the problems of teachers, the office staff and students. The Principal is the Chairperson of this cell and aggrieved individuals must apply to the Principal, who after hearing the case, requests the Cell to initiate remedies.


The college has a Sexual Harassment Committee. It works towards protection of women rights against harassment of any kind and redresses their grievances.


The College has a Planning Board to approve the proposal for development of undergraduate education, after identifying its needs and deciding on its priorities.

Besides the Principal, Coordinator IQAC, and senior teachers, Librarian, the Bursar or a senior person from the Accounts Department may be a member of the Planning Board. After finalizing the budget allocation for UG education, the Planning Board submits the details as per Annexure to UGC.


The Building Committee looks into the infrastructural requirements of the college and advices the Principal and other competent authorities on the same. It helps the college authority in planning and execution of the construction works. It is also responsible in preparing plan estimate and supervising the construction and repairing works of the college.


Under the directives of the University of Gauhati, Damdama College started an Extension Education Center from the academic session 2002-03. The center works in the field of adult education, continuing education, population education and community education through field outreach programmes. The State Institute of Rural Development (SIRD), Assam is a collaborating institution.

Only recently, the center organized a plantation campaign to educate students and local people on importance of various plants to the environment. Sapling were planted on chosen area and Mr. Jadav Payang, environmentalist delivered a keynote address on the issue. A ‘Road Safety Week’ programme, under the aegis’ of the District Transport Officer (DTO) Kamrup, Rural was also organized to highlight the importance of safe driving. The center has also organized Swach Bharat Abhiyan from time to time in keeping with our Prime Minister’s belief in a strong and clean India.

The College is running the undergraduate programms under IDOL, Gauhati University. Proposal to introduce the Post Graduate Programms under IDOL is in the pipeline.


The admissions and examination board of the college looks into the issue of the admission process. It is important that no deserving candidates who wish to pursue higher education is deprived or is returned for no appropriate reasons. At the same time, it is important to maintain quality of students to maintain academic requirements. In cognizance of these matters, the admission board works in tandem with the academic board. Similarly, it looks into the issues of College and University level examinations for the smooth conduct of the process.


The library advisory committee supervises and maintains the upkeep of the college library and advises concerned authorities on the improvements to be necessitated.


Damdama College has implemented the anti-ragging regulation of the UGC and a committee has been constituted to look after the ragging related case(s). The committee exercises the power conferred by Clause (g) of Sub Section 1 of Section 26, of UGC Act 1956(UGC Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions 2009).


Under the guidance of the Principal and departmental heads, the college’s research and publication committee organizes various seminars and conferences to keep the faculties and students aware of the newer developments in various disciplines. The publication of various materials of importance is also the responsibility of this committee.


The importance of careers for students and the need to guide them is of significant importance to any institution of higher education. Keeping this idea in mind, the career guidance cell of the college ensures that the students are aware of the various job opportunities that may be availed both in the local area as also in the greater region of the state and outside. Entrepreneurship is of significant importance in this regard. The college time and again invites faculties of various institutes running various professional training programmes in different fields like the IIE etc.


Damdama College has a N.S.S unit under the Bharat Scouts and Guides Programmes of the Government of India. Many students of the College have received training as Rovers Leaders from the National Adventure Institute-Panchamarhi, Madhya Pradesh. The Unit hopes to train more students and shape them into better disciplined and punctual students.


The college has a computer education center to train and equip students into various aspects of programming. The College also runs a B.Voc Course on Computers under the University of Gauhati. This is a three year programme.


Economic growth and women’s empowerment are deeply interlocked. Sensitivity to women’s rights fulfills a society’s criteria for all round development. To fulfill this mission, the College has a Women’s Cell to look after the right and privileges allowed to a woman. It also works for the protection of their rights against sexual harassment and redresses their grievances in case of violation.


Damdama College has a very dynamic sports culture. Interested students go through a process of rigorous training in various sport activities like Kabbadi, Volleyball, Wrestling, Football etc and have a record of winning accolades at various events in and around the State.


In order to improve teaching learning experience of the students and make them efficient in various fields like arts, music, drama etc, the college has organized various literary and drama groups like ( a) English Literary Club (b) Damdama College Debating Society.


The College has a Disaster Management Cell to prepare the students for various calamities and disasters. Mock drills organized by the students of the college on fire, earthquake and floods under the guidance of the Red Horn Division of the Indian Military, located at Hajo are important programmes of the cell.


For every academic session, the College organizes a Students Union Election, under the directives and principle of the Indian Constitution. The aim is to make the student aware of their rights and political responsibilities and also make them work out feasible solutions to their issues. The elected body is known as Damdama College Student’s Union Body. Its membership is compulsory for every student admitted in the college.

Governing Body

The college is governed and managed by a dynamic Governing Body approved by the DHE Assam. The Governing Body of the college has been constituted with a President and eleven other members. The Principal of the College is the Secretary, Vice Principal, the ex-officio Member, two representatives of the Gauhati University, three Guardian Members of whom one is a lady member, two representatives of the teaching staff and a Donor Member consist the Governing Body. The Governing Body of the college is the immediate supreme authority providing guidance and leadership to the institution.

Members of Governing Body

  • President: Dr. Sanjay Talukdar
  • Principal Cum Secretary: Dr. Suranjan Sarma
  • Vice Principal: Sri Dharmeswar Barman: Vice Principal
  • G.U Representative: Dr. Basanta Kr. Das
  • G.U Representative: Sri Radhika Ch. Das
  • Teacher Representative: Mrs. Hirabati Kalita
  • Teacher Representative:: Sri. Gopal Ch. Barman
  • Guardian Member: Sri. Ramesh Ch. Das
  • Guardian Member: Sri Soneswar Patowary
  • Guardian Member: Mrs. Anima Das
  • Non-teaching Staff representative Sri. Jatin Ch. Das
  • Donor Member: Sri Manomohan Das
Special Invitee: Miss Suman Haripriya (Local MLA)


Festivals form an integral life of the institutions’ social life and helps to bring people together. In this regard, Damdama College also hosts various festivals like Sarawati Puja, Fateha-E-Yazdaham to highight the equality of all religions and the secular charater of the nation’s cultural life.


There are separate common rooms for boys and girls. Limited indoor game facilities are available in the common rooms. The College has six (6) departmental rooms for teachers for smooth functioning of departmental activities.


The College displays important academic and other information in the College Notice Board and students are advised to see these to keep in touch with the developments in their campus.


The College has been publishing its annual magazine ‘Kachioli’ regularly. The aim of the magazine is to highlight the creative ideas of students and faculties alike. Also, departments publish their individual wall magazines. These are important documentary proof on various critical milestones pertaining to a subject discipline or relevant ideas which may be of relevance to other related cultural and social domains as well. Similarly, departmental newsletters, with contributions from students are encouraged. Faculty members of various disciplines help the pupils create such newsletters.


Damdama College has a rich history of organizing rallies, cultural processions, and publicity drives in the locality. Most of these programmes focus on various social evils: illiteracy, superstition, health problems like the use of tobacco and gutkha etc or the menace of liquor. AIDS awareness drives etc and environmental issues like carbon footprints or plastic use that pose serious health risks and their possible minimization through plantation etc have been carried on by the college. The College also plans to adopt nearby villages through its social outreach programmes to make citizens aware of their responsibilities to their immediate family and the society.